SAGAMORE HILLS The Sagamore Hills Police Department is purchasing a new electronic fingerprint machine thanks to a $11,330 grant from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, also known as the JAG program.

Det. Vicki Miavitz said the new machine will have the capability to electronically submit fingerprints to the state and Federal Bureau of Investigation, making it faster to receive information back as well.

"This will give us the newest electronic laptop fingerprint machine, equipped with a magnetic strip reader and a laser printer for a total cost of $12,589," Miavitz said adding the remaining balance of the total $1,258 was paid by the township.

The township's inkless pad and identicator finger print system was older than 1999, but Lt. Brian Piekarski wasn't sure exactly how old. He said prior to Indenticator system was by rolling a black pasty ink on a glass plate, inking the fingertips then transferring to a card.

The JAG Program is the leading source of federal justice funding to state and local jurisdictions. Miavitz, who does the grant writing for the department, has been awarded more than $45,000 in grants since 2012. With the funding she has obtained over the years the department has been able to add a new server for the station, five new computers and printers for the station, 10 body cameras, two in-car cameras and now the fingerprint machine.

She also was able to obtain a $5,100 grant in 2013 from the Bureau of Justice Grant for ballistic vests, which is actually a continuous grant and she only has to apply when the department needs more funding.

She has also assisted other departments in obtaining grants as well.

Sagamore Hills Police Chief David Hayes said he is pleased with Miavitz's success in seeking grants.

"Vicki has done extraordinary work obtaining these grants, considering some of them only require a 10 percent match, this has saved the Township tens of thousands of dollars," Hayes said. "Some of the equipment may not have been obtained without her hard work on these."

Briana Barker: 330-541-9432