Tallmadge City School District’s Munroe Elementary School has begun a robotics club for all third- through fifth-grade students.

Organized by NASA Engineer and Tallmadge parent Daniel Bishop, the club meets after school every Monday and Wednesday.

When the club meets, 32 students will participate in programming a computer to use different senses, like light and sound, and move by command. Programs used include Drag and Drop and JavaScript.

Tallmadge Middle School’s computer science teacher Richard Day will provide support, along with parents who volunteer their time during each session.

The club teaches students to learn from their mistakes and make changes based on the results.

"This has been a great first year offering this club to our students," said Courtney Davis, Dunbar Primary, Munroe Elementary School principal. "The students are learning a lot through the club’s activities and enjoying time with their friends. We hope to continue the club next school year. Additional details will be provided during the 2017-18 school year."

All materials for the club were purchased through a grant from the GAR Foundation. Munroe Elementary School will also be purchasing a 3D printer with the GAR funds.

For more information about the Tallmadge City School District, visit www.tallmadgeschools.org.