Silver Lake -- Another discussion regarding a potential deer population control program will occur at Village Council's next meeting.

Mayor Bernie Hovey told Council on March 20 that an Ohio Department of Natural Resources representative will attend the next meeting to discuss and answer questions about a deer culling proposal. The state official will visit with Council on April 3 at 6 p.m. in Village Hall, 2961 Kent Road. The public is invited to attend. The regular Council meeting will follow at 7.

A few months ago, Hovey gave Council draft legislation on the deer issue and asked them to decide if they want to move forward with the plan. No decision has been made. Under the draft ordinance, residents would apply for a permit to allow hunting to occur on their property and must use bow and arrow hunters that are approved by the mayor.

However, Hovey on March 22 told the Falls News-Press that if Council decides to move forward on the issue, "the present draft legislation will be either amended, or replaced. What was given to Council some time ago was basically 'boiler-plate' legislation intended only to generate discussion."

During a Committee of the Whole meeting on Feb. 21, 10 of the 13 people who addressed Council spoke in favor of a plan to cull the deer, citing concerns about safety, property damage and disease.

On March 20, a resident spoke in opposition to the proposal.

"I would hope that we think through this very cautiously as not to give our police department any additional work monitoring any of this," said resident Stan Lero II.

"And also, what might be the ramifications from a deer hunter's standpoint [I] just hope that we would enter into that very cautiously from a residential standpoint, safety of animals"

Lero added if deer are being hunted, the animals will go elsewhere, but will return once the hunting is finished.


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