Stow-Munroe Falls High School students, Noah Tranbarger and Fox Noland are going to Nationals. Noah Tranbarger took first place in C# Programming and Fox Noland took first place in Java Programming and second place in C# Programming at the Regional Business Professionals of America (BPA) competition in February. They then competed on March 16 at the BPA State Leadership Conference in Columbus and won and are now headed to Nationals, which will take place in Orlando, Florida in May.

Noland and Tranbarger (both seniors) are enrolled in a two-year CTE Programming & Software Development program housed at Stow-Munroe Falls High School which began last year. This new Career Technical Education program is part of the Six-District Educational Compact where students from Stow, Cuyhoga Falls, Hudson, Kent, Tallmadge, and Woodridge are eligible to attend. First-year and second-year students have been busy in many academic events and competitions, where eight students placed at the regional level and proceeded on to compete at the state level at the Columbus Convention Center on March 16 and 17.

Regional BPA Competition Results:

1st Place - Web Site Development Team: Adam Arona, Allison Eberhardt (Stow), Vincent Dolciato (Woodridge), and Miah Slaubaugh (Stow) - Proceeded onto State Level

2nd Place - Web Site Design Team: Jacob Gooden (Tallmadge), Tara Khanal (Cuyahoga Falls), Riley Jensen (Cuyahoga Falls), and Milan Neupane (Stow)

1st Place - Java Programming: Fox Noland (Stow)

1st Place - C# Programming: Noah Tranbarger (Stow) - Proceeded onto State Level

2nd Place - C# Programming: Fox Noland - Proceeded onto State Level

1st Place - Individual Web Design: Jacob Gooden - Proceeded onto State Level

2nd Place - Individual Web Design: Riley Jensen - Proceeded onto State Level

State BPA Competition Results:

C# Programming: Fox Noland (2nd Place), Noah Tranbarger (3rd Place) - Proceeding onto National Level

Computer Programming Concepts: Fox Noland and Noah Tranbarger (Top Percentile Rankings)

Information Technology Concepts - Jacob Gooden and Fox Noland (Top Percentile Rankings)

Program teacher and adviser, Terri Whitmer, is thrilled to see the students excel and take such an enthusiastic interest in computer programming and hopes to continue building this new program. "We are striving to encourage more diversity in this career field which is a challenging, yet rewarding academic area."

High school students at the sophomore, junior and senior levels within the Six-District Educational Compact (Stow-Munroe Falls, Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, Woodridge, Kent Roosevelt and Hudson) are eligible to enroll in this program, and no prior coding experience is required. Interested students may apply through