CUYAHOGA FALLS -- The Woodridge Local Schools Board of Education on March 21 approved a shared services agreement with Sebring Local Schools Board of Education and Thomas Morehouse. Morehouse was recently hired by Woodridge to replace Treasurer Deanna Levenger who is retiring.

The vote was 4-0. Board Member Dr. Linda Ocepek was absent.

The shared agreement states that Woodridge and Sebring agree to jointly employ Morehouse as a shared treasurer. Morehouse will be paid by Woodridge. Sebring will reimburse Woodridge at a per diem rate for Sebring's use of Morehouse.

"I think this speaks volumes to the integrity of the interim treasurer," commented Superintendent Walter Davis. "He did not want to leave the Sebring schools in a lurch and come to Woodridge [while they did] not have someone to fulfill the obligations there."

The term of the agreement is from March 15 through May 31. The deal states "Sebring shall reimburse Woodridge for Sebring's use of the Shared Treasurer by paying Woodridge for a portion of the Shared Treasurer's salary, retirement, and Medicare, on a per diem basis. The per diem rate for the Shared Treasurer for salary, retirement, and Medicare shall be $477.60."

March 21 marked Levenger's last Woodridge School Board meeting as treasurer. Davis said he's had the "privilege" to have worked with Levenger for the past seven years. "That has gone very well," he said. "We have clean audits the entire time, way back even before I was here."

Levenger said she originally started working at Woodridge in 1982, leaving in 1983 to work in Kent and Hudson. "When you hired me I was young and I thought I was applying for a nine-month secretary's job," she said. Board Member Marilyn Hansen was a member of the board when Levenger was hired.

"I was not really sure what I wanted to do with my life and my career," Levenger said. "I didn't really know what my passion was, but once I started working in the field and got an idea, I knew what I wanted to do." She said she got her degree and returned to Woodridge as the treasurer in 2000.

"It's been a wonderful career," she commented. "It's very challenging. I'm one to get bored very easily and this is probably the only thing I've ever done I didn't get bored very quickly at." Fighting back tears, Levenger said she leaves with fond memories.

In recognition of her service to the district, on behalf of Davis and the Board, President Jeff McHugh presented Levenger with a golden apple. There was also cake and punch prior to the meeting.


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