STOW -- The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the theft of a military Humvee from the Ohio National Guard Armory at 4630 Allen Road in Stow.

The Patrol responded to the Armory at 3:30 p.m. Troopers discovered that someone cut through a chain link fence and made entry into a secured area where the Humvee was stored. The Humvee was locked at the time of the theft, but the suspect(s) disabled the locking mechanism and drove the vehicle off the premises.

The Humvee is marked with bumper numbers 174 and 1-145 near the left tail light and HQ-51 near the right tail light.

At this time, there are no witnesses in the theft of the Humvee. Anyone with information regarding the theft of the Humvee is asked to contact the Ohio Highway State Patrol at 216-265-1677.