TWINSBURG -- A new fee schedule for the Twinsburg Fitness Center and Outdoor Water Park for 2017 adds various membership and bundling options, in a restructuring that saw fees increase for individuals and decrease in the case of two- and three-person families.

Fees were not hiked "across the board," as an article published on Page 1 of last week's paper titled "Fitness center, water park fees increase" incorrectly stated.

In a push to help increase membership, a new bundling plan allows individuals and families -- including non-residents -- to purchase a Twinsburg Fitness Center membership and a membership to the Outdoor Water Park at a discount.

"I think it's advantageous to do this," said Derek Schroeder, parks and recreation director.

The bundling option could be a boon for the city, given the closure of a pool in Twinsburg Township and the closure of Wildwater Kingdom in Aurora. While Schroeder said he didn't expect a large surge in memberships, Schroeder said he wouldn't be surprised if there was an increase in memberships to both facilities, particularly from non-residents.

Bundled memberships for both the fitness center and the Outdoor Water Park for city residents are $327 for individuals; $439 for a family of two; $551 for a family of three; and $644 for a family of four. Additional family members pay $108 apiece. Individual seniors are $287 for the bundled package, and a senior couple is $384.

For bundled memberships for village and township residents, individuals pay $425 per year, a family of two pays $579, a family of three pays $692 and a family of four pays $812. Additional family members cost $132 per person. An individual village or township senior pays $386 and a senior couple pays $510.

For a look at the changes in the individual rates, see the associated graph.

Under the new fitness center rates, two- and three-member families in Twinsburg, Reminderville and Twinsburg Township, as well as senior couples, will save money, some significantly. This is the first time a breakdown by the number of family members has been offered.

"We had about 800-plus family plans last year," Councilor Bill Furey said. "About 180 of those had families with more than five members, up to 11 members. This allowed us to better define a family plan."

Last year, a family of two or more living in the city paid $464 for a membership to the fitness center. Under the new fee structure, a family of two in the city will pay $348 annually, a $116 savings. A family of three pays $432, a $30 savings over last year.

A family of four in the city now pays $504, a $40 increase. Each additional family member is an additional $84.

A family of two or more from the village and township paid $587 last year. Under the new rates, a family of two from the village and township now pays $456, a $131 savings. A family of three pays $540, a $47 savings.

A family of four in the village and township now pays $636 annually, which is $49 more. Additional family members for village and township residents are $96 per year.

A senior couple in the city now pays $324 annually for the fitness center, a savings of $162 annually over 2016 figures. A senior couple in the village and township now pays $420, a savings of $196 per year over 2016.

Those qualifying for the "Senior Plus" rate pay $180. To qualify for Senior Plus, a person must be at least 65 years old; a resident of the city, township or Reminderville; and have an annual total household income of less than $32,000. Previously, this rate was $161.

For more information on either the new fitness center rates or the outdoor water park rates, call the Twinsburg Fitness Center at 330-405-5757.

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