According to the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Schools Superintendent Paolo DeMaria is convening a Superintendent's Advisory Committee on Assessments to focus on the full range of testing issues -- including state-required tests, as well as district-level tests. This work will allow for a more thorough and complete review, and recommendations for adjustments to these assessments both state and local.

In addition, ODE will continue to work closely with legislators, the governor, business leaders, educators and the public to undertake a comprehensive strategic planning process. The strategic plan will include a clear vision for education in Ohio, supported by a set of goals, strategies, tactics and metrics, according to ODE.

In addition, the department will start work on a broader education plan for the state that will go beyond both student testing and the federal law to look into issues such as instructional practices, early learning and school culture. DeMaria stressed that a final report will outline the state's vision and goals and not override any plans of school districts.

Ohio's current proposal also sets a number of goals for reducing chronic absenteeism, increasing the graduation rate and providing more help to children in military families, those who are homeless and others facing similar challenges.

"As Ohioans, we all want every child to receive a high-quality education so they can succeed in life, careers and future learning. That unity is crucial as we seek to lead our education system to be the best it can be in the service of every child," said DeMaria. "Only by working together can we reach our aspirations. We are excited to begin the important work of creating a strategic plan for education in Ohio, supported by a set of goals, strategies, tactics and metrics."