Silver Lake Police Chief John Conley issued information explaining how the village's outdoor warning sirens work.

Conley stated that the village of Silver Lake has two early warning sirens used to notify citizens of potential severe weather and disasters in the village. The Cuyahoga Falls Dispatch Center, which dispatches fire and police services in the village, is responsible for activation of the sirens. The Cuyahoga Falls Dispatch Center tests both sirens in the village on the first Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. When the Dispatch Center receives a severe weather notice, they activate the sirens, which will continue to run for three complete minutes, said Conley. The sirens will be reactivated every 10 minutes thereafter until the warning from the National Weather Service has expired. The Dispatch Center does not issue all-clear notifications following an expiration of a warning.

During inclement weather the Dispatch Center receives a large amount of 911 emergency calls for police and fire services. Residents are asked not to call the Dispatch Center or Village Hall with questions about the weather. It is recommended that they watch TV or listen to their radio for updates and the expiration of weather alerts.