MACEDONIA -- While all members of Macedonia City Council said Cuyahoga Valley Engineer's Joe Gilgliotti has been doing a good job for the city, the March 9 vote making confirming his appointment as engineer only passed by a 3-2 vote -- with councilors Dave Engle and Sylvia Hanneken voting against the appointment. Councilors Kevin Bilkie, Nick Molnar and Jan Tulley voted yes.

The problem was with the contract details, as Hanneken attempted to amend the contract to establish a two-year time limit, subject to renewal upon mutual agreement. A second portion of the offered amendment made the contract subject to annual appropriations.

"I don't believe we should have a contract that does not have a termination and a renewal date ... because you need to have a possibility of expiration so consideration can be made for continuing value to be seen," Hanneken said. "Second we don't want to be in a situation where engineering is automatically going to have certain monies paid unless we look at the total budget and say that's what we really need."

She added the proposed amendments were in the contract language the city had with former engineering company, GPD Group.

While her amendments were voted down 4-1, with Hanneken the only vote for them. Engle cited an issue with the compensation package.

"Mr. Gigliotti is an excellent engineer, I have no concern over his qualifications or the work he's done, but I am voting no and the reason I am voting no is the compensation package includes pension for the part-time employee," he said. "As far as I know we are the only city that does this for engineers ... I don't think this is a proper expenditure of money."

Mayor Joe Migliorini said the contract is a mirror of the contract that was in place for the prior engineer, Don Sheehy, who couldn't be present as much and suggested Gigliotti, a partner in the firm, be the point man for the city.

"All we are doing is substituting Don Sheehy's name for Joe Gigliotti. This contract was passed last year by the way, nothing different," Migliorini said.

Gigliotti will be under retainer to the city for $32,000 per year, backdated to Feb. 5.

"I'm happy to officially be on board," Gigliotti said to Council. "The staff at city hall has been fantastic and welcoming this past year."

Council also unanimously voted to hire a part-time police and fire dispatcher, Jennifer Barber, effective March 12.

In other business, Council voted unanimously to establish a local "escape" provision in the city's criminal code for persons detained by police and do not return from furlough, such as for medical treatment.

Such violators will now be cited through mayor's court instead of being cited with "escape" under state law and sent to Stow Municipal Court, according to Law Director Mark Guidetti.

"This creates a local escape provision in our code and allows us to keep the charges here in mayor's court," Guidetti said, adding the funds stay local.

An amendment, for Chapter 782 of the city's ordinances, passed unanimously, increased the annual fee for scavengers from $15 to $100.

Scavengers are persons who rifle through garbage, under the code. All scavenger licenses expire Dec. 31 of the year of issuance. Officials said the ordinance does not apply to persons who pick up the random chair or furniture left at the curb but rather those who actually rifle through the trash.

Anyone in violation of the ordinance will be charged with a minor misdemeanor for the first offense and a misdemeanor of the fourth degree for successive offenses.

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