ROOTSTOWN, OHIO — Northeast Ohio Medical University’s College of Pharmacy and its students were recently honored for their medication adherence advocacy with a proclamation from Gov. John Kasich. The proclamation names January through March 2017 as Remember to Take Your Medicines Months.
The proclamation notes that approximately 125,000 people die each year due to medication related problems, including non-adherence.  While recognizing the College of Pharmacy for its training of students to help patients learn how to take their medications as prescribed, the proclamation also identifies the College’s promotion of medication adherence through its many community outreach programs.
“The fact that our governor is fully supportive of pharmacy students and pharmacists helping to address this challenge is great for our profession, and more importantly, the citizens of Ohio,” said Daniel Krinsky, M.S., R.Ph., associate professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice at NEOMED. “This is another example of how recognition can serve as a springboard to support grassroots action to improve health in our great state.”
Much of the NEOMED pharmacy student outreach comes through Script Your Future, a nationwide program designed to raise awareness about medication adherence. Adherence means an individual takes medications as prescribed, or as outlined on a product label, to obtain the greatest benefit. Nonadherence is a serious problem for patients that results in poor health outcomes and increased costs.
For the last four years, Gov. Kasich has recognized the significance of this initiative. “Our students use this proclamation to support their message and to let folks know that our leaders in Columbus recognize there are opportunities for improving peoples’ health.”