On Feb. 21, the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) On Wheels program visited Fishcreek Elementary School. The program is sponsored by the Fishcreek Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

"Our PTA tries to provide experiences that students can really enjoy and learn from," said Jen Wirsching, Fishcreek PTA president. "During the COSI presentation, students get the chance to experience hands-on science lessons that they might not get anywhere else. It is wonderful seeing the students go to each station and be mesmerized by what they are learning and try it for themselves."

The students participated in a themed, 45-minute interactive assembly, then after the assembly returned during the day to complete activities at various stations, each related to the theme. This year's them was ecology. Students learned how animals have adapted to survive in different habitats, such as rivers, wetlands and prairies, and how those habitats work together to create a bigger, interdependent environment.

During the assembly, students volunteered to help show how different animals and plants survive. One student was dressed as a bee and demonstrated how pollen moves from flower to flower with Velcro, and another demonstrated a seed pod explosion with a wind and a spring.

Fourth-grade teacher Brian Rood also helped with a demonstration of how bats hunt, using air shooters and smoke rings and, of course, while dressed as a moth.

COSI On Wheels is the traveling outreach program of COSI Columbus that engages students with a dynamic opening assembly and fun, hands-on science activities aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and the National Science Education Standards.

"The COSI On Wheels event is definitely a school favorite," said Principal Joanne Brookover. "We look forward to it every year and the students always have a great, and educational, experience. Thank you to the PTA for organizing the event again this year and to COSI On Wheels for their visit; it was a great presentation."