Cuyahoga Falls News-Press / Steve Wiandt photo

Among those honored by the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools Board of Education for being named Top Tigers for the month of January were Grace Propst, DeWitt Elementary, Grade 2; Desmond Crabtree, DeWitt Elementary, 2; Mia Hutchins, Lincoln Elementary, 1; Grant Reynolds, Lincoln Elementary, 1; Sienna Skifstad, Preston Elementary, 1; Dawson Lake, Preston Elementary, 1; Aria Woods, Price Elementary, 1; Darshan Dhimal, Price Elementary, 1; Alexis Lozar, Richardson Elementary, K; Devin Porter, Richardson Elementary, K; Addy Masl, Silver Lake Elementary, 1; Phillip Cover, Silver Lake Elementary, 1; Natalie Ball, Bolich Middle, 7; Ashton Wolfram, Bolich Middle, 7; Faith Hayes, Roberts Middle, 7; August Dies, Roberts Middle, 8; Skylar Veto, Cuyahoga Falls High, 12; Nicholas Marusiak, Cuyahoga Falls High, 12; Emma Freeman, Cuyahoga Falls High, 12. (Emma is a hold-over from December. She was unable to attend the previous meeting.)