Cuyahoga Falls -- Members of Cub Scout Pack 3161 were recently visited by a retired police officer and his dog.

Kevin Schmoll, a Desert Storm Marine veteran and retired Florida officer, brought his dog Yasko with him to visit with Pack 3161's Webelos 1 and 2 Dens, which are fourth and fifth-grade boys. Schmoll said Yasko was 2 months old when he got him. Two to three months later, Schmoll started working on his obedience training with Paws for Veterans, a coaching program that trained the dog to be a service animal.

Yasko has made it possible for Schmoll to leave home, travel in crowds and attend functions without too much anxiety because he has been trained to recognize certain situations and redirect his master.

"Besides helping me in public,Yasko also will come nudge me and lick my face to wake me up if I'm having a nightmare or night terror," Schmoll said.

Cub Scot Pack 3161, made up of boys in grades 1-5, meets every Thursday from 7-8 p.m. at Lincoln Elementary School, 3131 Bailey Road. For more information, call Scout Leader Ron at 330-819-9983.


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