Hudson Heritage Association will host a meeting in response to feedback from the community about the Hudson City School District's Master Facilties Plan. During this special meeting on March 14 at 7 p.m. at the Hudson Library & Historical Society, the public can learn how the city of Cleveland Heights-University Heights is applying the principals of adaptive reuse in order to preserve important aspects of its historic high school as the building is being renovated for 21st century learning.

HHA has invited two principals from BSHM Architects, Inc. - the firm leading the work in Cleveland Heights - to discuss the project and how the lessons learned might apply to the master facilities plan currently being implemented by the Hudson City School District, especially as the plan relates to Hudson's historic Middle School.

Hudson's master facilities plan currently calls for demolition of the 1927 Middle School. Residents have asked the district to consider preserving the building in some way because of its significance to Hudson's history and the important role it plays in Hudson's historic district. Following its Dec. 12, 2016, meeting, the board of education asked the district for more information on what the costs might be to save and reuse the building. The district has engaged the architectural firm of Westlake Reed Leskosky to study the issue and is planning to contact the Cleveland Restoration Society for help assessing the condition of the Middle School.

"A number of school districts in our region have successfully repurposed their historic buildings to support modern learning environments," said Don Husat, president of the Hudson Heritage Association. "We think it's critical that Hudson take a very thoughtful approach as it considers the future of Hudson Middle School.

"The decisions affecting this building will be permanent and will have significant ramifications for our historic neighborhood. This is the last building standing with any link to the legacy of Hudson's school district."

More information about the district's master plan can be found on the district's website, For updates from Hudson Heritage Association about this subject, email