AURORA -- The local Board of Education took action at its Feb. 27 meeting to switch the positions of a couple of administrators.

Current Harmon School Assistant Principal Mike Janatovich will be the new Leighton School principal, while current Leighton School Principal Paul Goodwin will be the assistant principal at Harmon.

The changes will take place as of Aug. 1 of this year. Janatovich was awarded a three-year contract. His current salary is $86,000.

Goodwin, who has agreed to accept the Harmon assistant position based on a one year contract, will aid Janatovich's transition into the Leighton School principal position. Goodwin's current salary is $93,500.

"We are thrilled to have Mike as the new Leighton principal," said schools Superintendent Pat Ciccantelli. "His valuable experience the last three years as an assistant principal in our district will allow him to transition successfully into his new position.

"He is an outstanding educator with a strong background in administration, and will be an extremely positive influence as the Leighton principal."

Goodwin, a district employee for almost 12 years, previously was Harmon's assistant principal for five years, and will work with Harmon Principal Mark Abramovich.

"Paul, who was considering retirement, agreed to stay with the district for another year to help us with this transition," said Ciccantelli.

"He has always had the best interests of our school district at heart and continues to provide us with the utmost in professionalism and willingness to contribute his talents wherever they are needed most."

Also at its Feb. 27 session, the School Board awarded three-year contracts (Aug. 1, 2017 to July 31, 2020) to Abramovich, whose current salary is $100,000, and Craddock-Miller Principal Julie Troman, who makes $93,500.