The following actions were taken by the Aurora Board of Education at its Feb. 27 meeting:

Award administrative contracts to: Harmon Principal Mark Abramovich, Leighton Principal Michael Janatovich and Craddock-Miller Principal Julie Troman, all three years, Aug. 1, 2017 to-July 31, 2020; Harmon Assistant Principal Paul Goodwin, one year, Aug. 1, 2017-July 31, 2018.

Reclassify licensed staff members Tracie Kacir from MA plus 20 hours to MA plus MA and Leslie Lucas from BA plus 30 hours to MA.

Employ support staff substitutes Patti K. Henderson and Kelsey L. Sisk.

Substitute teaching contracts to Elizabeth Brower, Emily Gallagher, Daniel Lieberth and Kaitlyn Sweeney.

Supplemental contracts to: Rose Brown a, AHS reading club adviser, Gina Benisek and Evan Karnoupakis, Leighton intramurals, Chris Radtke, boys track head coach and Mark Bugara and Micky Colangelo, boys track assistant coaches.

Supplemental contracts to non-district personnel: Richard Buoncore, girls track head coach; Michael Ryba, wrestling assistant coach; Corey Houlahan, Tom Nalepa and Elizabeth Bibza, boys track assistant coaches; Ken Cardman, baseball assist coach; Lisa Earle and Amanda Anderson, softball assistant coaches; and Kelly Smith, Harmon intramurals.

Accept resignations of: baseball assistant coach Jack Hannan, wrestling assistant coach Jeffery Pelton, energy education specialist Melissa Foster, AHS short-hour cafeteria worker Jeffrey Johnson.

Grant parental leave of absence for Harmon teacher Megan Wesoloski for remainder of the second semester of 2016-17 and all of 2017-18 academic year.

Set summer academy fees of $150 per session for health, physical education and personal finance and $100 per person for virtual learning core curriculum courses.

Congratulate Harmon students Celeste Conley and Luke Ritzel for being named Rotary Club of Aurora students of the month for February.

Accept the amounts and rates as determined by the Portage County Budget Commission, authorize the necessary tax levies and certify them to the Portage County auditor. There are six current expense levies in effect, plus a bond retirement levy and a permanent improvement levy. Revenue generated inside the 10-mill limitation is $3.54 million and outside the 10-mill limitation is $26.38 million.

Congratulate a number of students for winning honors at the OMEA solo and ensemble adjudicated event and the Northeast Central Ohio Scholastic Art Competition.

Discussed revised policies relating to bidding requirements, emergency closing of school, the student wellness program, interscholastic athletics and co-curricular activities.