The Hudson Police Department is warning residents of a utility worker burglary scam that took place earlier this week near state Route 303 and Elmcrest. A female approached the home of a Hudson resident saying she was investigating gas in a water line. The woman distracted the homeowner in the basement long enough for someone else to enter and steal money and jewelry.

Suspect #1: Female, medium complexioned, possibly Hispanic, with dark hair pulled back in a ponytail. She spoke very fast, with no discernible accent.

Suspect #2: White male driving a white sedan with no visible markings.

The Hudson Police Department would like to remind you to be alert. Never allow subjects inside your residence or yard without proper identification. City workers or utility workers are identified by department issued badges. They also drive vehicles and trucks marked as city vehicles. Workers for other utility companies also carry identification and drive marked vehicles. Please be aware that a subject who is wearing a hard hat or utility vest may not be a city or utility worker. If you are unsure, don't let them in and call the Hudson Police Department at 330-342-1800. If you feel you are being threatened or that there is danger, call 9-1-1.

The Hudson Police Department urges anyone with information pertaining to this crime to contact the Hudson Police Department at 330-342-1800.