Thirty-four St. Barnabas sixth- through eighth-graders were honored by the Daughters of the American Revolution David Hudson Chapter Feb. 5 for their projects in the Junior American Citizens Contest on the theme of "Our National Parks: 100 Years of Service to America" and were chosen as first place winners. Students with asterisk's by their names were also picked as winners at the state level.

Banner -- Lorraine Dienes, Emma McCabe, Olivia Nemec*, Payton Vickers, Katherine Shaw, Allison Coneglio, Andre Nassif, Joe Raffaela*, Carson Carrell, Kenton Carrell, and Christopher Speelman*.

Community Service -- Claire Adornato, Jordan Chessar, and Mia DeAngelis.

Photo Essay -- Timothy Klu , Brooke Money, Matthew Costantini*, Jack Szeremet*, Hailee Wolff*.

Poem -- Carter Donaghue, Gina Travaglianti*, and Faith Sparks.

Poster -- Abigail Dotson*, Abigayle Grassa, Gianna Musitano, Briana Reid, Michael Noe*, Ruth Scullion*, Rachel Zsembik, Sarah Thomason*.

Short Story -- Abigail Reardon*, Dominic Pagano*, May Mader, Dominic Bellini*.

Stamp Design -- Jeremy Manson, Eden Penko, Amanda Stanek, Matthew Kerosky and Maggi Kellhofer.