The News Leader is recognizing select Nordonia Middle School students who are "Knighted" under the school's "The Knight Way, the Right Way" recognition program. The program recognizes students each month based on their dependability, honesty, helpfulness and respect for authority, property and the rights of others.

Bryanna Brooks, daughter of Dawn and Michael Brooks, is a seventh-grader at Nordonia Hills Middle School.

She helps out around the house by cleaning, and babysitting and she gets good grades.

She enjoys singing, writing, watching YouTube and Netflix. She would like to be a singer, music teacher or choir director some day.

Her favorite food is from Chipotle and she enjoys the group Sleeping with Sirens and the television show Supernatural. She liked the movie Suicide Squad. She enjoyed the Maximum Ride series of books.

She collects band merchandise and has eight pets: three dogs, a cat three birds and a chinchilla.

"I look up to Kellin Quinn the most, because he had a lot of struggles growing up and he still has some, but through it all, he has overcome most of it and makes people happy with his music," she says.

She would like to meet Jensen Ackles, "because he plays my favorite character in my favorite show and he genuinely seems like a kind, caring person."

Her best vacation was to Ocean City for the first time with her best friend.

If she could go anywhere in the world, "I would go to Barbados because it's a lot warmer than Ohio, and not very many people go there."