Full name: Sheryaj Menon.

Parents names: Satish and Jayashrec Menon.

School and grade: In sixth grade at Harmon School.

Jobs or chores you do: I make my bed, vacuum the house and help my dad in the yard.

Activities and hobbies: I like to read, solve Rubic's Cube and play basketball and football.

Career aspirations: A doctor or an athlete.

Favorite food: My favorite is pizza.

Favorite singers or groups: I don't have any favorites.

Favorite television show: I like to watch "Sports-Center" on ESPN.

Good movie you've seen or your all-time favorites: "Big Hero 6" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

What's your all-time favorite book or story? The "Pendragon" series.

What improvements would you like to see at school? I don't think Harmon needs improvements.

What are your favorite things about your school? Classes such as industrial arts, and I like math and science.

Who, other than your parents, do you look up to most? My grandpa.

What would you change about yourself and why? I wouldn't change anything, because I like how I am.

Do you collect anything? I don't collect anything.

Do you have any pets? I have no pets.

What was your best vacation? India over the Christmas holiday.

If you become a parent, what advice will you give your children? Try your best and never give up.

What famous person would you like to meet most? Kyrie Irving.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Europe, because there are many places to visit such as France and Italy.