HUDSON -- Drivers can expect delays on Main Street as construction resumes in April, weather permitting.

Mr. Excavator will be completing the $4.8 million North Main Street improvement project to replace aging infrastructure and improve the streetscape in front of the stores.

This year the work will focus on Clinton Street north to Owen Brown Street with road reconstruction, sewer, electric, irrigation systems, tree wells, trees, sidewalks and curbs.

Entrances to the stores will be maintained throughout the construction.

Entrances to the alley behind the stores and the driveway on North Main that goes back to the alley will be maintained throughout construction, according to city officials.

Parallel parking in front of the stores will be converted to diagonal parking, adding one additional parking space, officials said. To do this, the parking spaces in front of those stores will not be accessible during much of the construction.

Clinton Street will be closed for approximately two weeks during the construction period. The closure will extend west to before the alley behind the Main Street stores. Access to both back alleys to the store will remain open. Park Lane will remain open when Clinton Street is closed.

Aurora Street will be closed for approximately three weeks during the construction period at the North Main Street intersection to before East Main Street.

Owen Brown Street will be closed for approximately three weeks during the construction period.

Last year a 1910 waterline from state Route 303 to Owen Brown Street was replaced. Road work was completed from state Route 303 to Clinton Street, first on the west side and then the east side. Bricks from the road were salvaged before paving the base coats.

A final asphalt layer will be done after all the work is completed.

New sidewalks and silva cells for trees were created in front of the storefronts, and trees, added this year, will be a mixture of London Plane (Exclamation) trees and Accolade Elm trees.

The final phase will include installation of street lights, sandstone pavers, sidewalk and a retaining wall on the Gazebo Green.

A new signal will be added at North Main Street and Clinton/Aurora Streets.

Striping for parking will be added after paving. Parallel parking will be eliminated on the north side of Aurora Street to create a right turn lane.

In addition, bumpouts for crosswalks will be added with signs for pedestrians.

Two-way traffic and access to store entrances will be maintained at all times during the project. The target end date is the end of July 2017.

Diagonal parking will be maintained, although at times, some parking spaces may be closed due to construction. Parking is available behind the stores or on East Main Street and Church Street.


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