AURORA -- Three of the nine puppies found abandoned on the side of the Ohio Turnpike in Streetsboro on Feb. 19 had new homes as of Feb. 21, according to Euclid Veterinarian Clinic Receptionist Ravi Khemsara.

"We have six more," he said last week. "We have to make sure they are well before we send them to homes."

A Pennsylvania woman discovered the litter the evening of Feb. 19 along the toll road. According to Aurora Police Lt. Rob Hagquist, officers met the woman and took a report about the incident.

"Officers responded to the McDonald's in Aurora where the woman who found these puppies was. She wasn't exactly sure what to do with them," he said. "At the same time, the woman had already made arrangements to take them to a veterinarian."

According to Khemsara, the puppies were in "good shape" when the clinic employees picked them up in Aurora. According to the Euclid Veterinary Clinic's Facebook page, they were found in a box. "The puppies were crammed in plastic boxes, and the boxes were taped shut," stated the page.

Khemsara said the three puppies placed were set to be picked up Feb 24, noting they were dewormed, bathed and given other routine care.

The lab-mix puppies are 10 to 12 weeks old, he added. The clinic set a price of $400 per puppy. "We're getting numerous calls for them," he said.

Streetsboro Police Lt. Tricia Wain said she was glad to hear a clinic was willing to take puppies. "You can't beat that," she said. "You've got a vet that's willing to step up and help. I'm glad they're being well taken care of."

Anyone with information about the abandonment should call the Aurora Police Department at 330-562-8181. Those interested in adopting one of the puppies, if any are left by the time readers see this story, should call 216-731-4345.


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