MUNROE FALLS -- City officials hope that before too much longer, the leaky City Hall roof will be replaced.

City Council unanimously approved a resolution on Feb. 21 amending the city's 2017 temporary budget appropriations to provide the $18,000 it is estimated that the project will cost.

Service Director Jim Bowery told the Stow Sentry Feb. 22 that it is uncertain when the work will be done. He said he has called four or five contractors and wants to get quotes from at least three of them, who would have to inspect the roof before providing the quotes.

Once a contractor is selected, the start of work "all depends on when the contractor can get started," said Bowery.

In the meantime, a tarp was placed over the roof Feb. 7 after the leaking became especially bad in Council chambers, forcing Council to conduct its meeting that night with half the room's lights turned off. Bowery said the $18,000 does not include the as yet unknown cost of recent interior damage, including the ceiling, drywall, insulation and possible the Council chamber speaker system.

"Right now, I'm concentrating on the roof because obviously that's more important to get that done first, then worry about the interior," said Bowery.

Bowery previously said the city recognized several years ago that the roof, which is at least 25 years old, would need to be replaced. Money was put into proposed city budgets each year to do that, but was removed before Council approved the budgets.

Mayor James Armstrong has cited the roof issue as an example of why the city needs more money and is placing an increase in the city income tax rate from 2 percent to 2.25 percent and a 2.8-mill police levy on the May 2 election ballot.

Voters rejected both issues this past November, though they did approve a 2-mill capital improvements levy earmarked specifically for road projects.


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