The National Scholastic Grade Level Championships, a scholastic chess event, allows players to fight for recognition as the best of their specific age group. The 2016 edition of this competition, spanning from kindergartners all the way to seniors in high school, took place at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, one of the largest and most festive hotels in the world in December.

Connor Keuchel, Brennen Keuchel and Destynn Keuchel of Hawken School were among 1544 students competing for the championship titles in 13 sections of K-12. Connor tied for ninth place in the grade 12 section; Brennen tied for fourth place in the grade 10 section; and Destynn tied for 12th place in the grade 7 section.

This is the fourth time in a row for Connor, and second time for Brennen to be among National Grade Level winners. Connor and Brennen, both being National Chess Experts, also crowned the state titles in the 2016 Ohio Scholastic Grade Level Championships.

Connor, Brennen and Destynn have been teaching chess for the past four years. Currently, they teach at the Hawken Lower School after-school program and will be teaching chess at Hawken School camps this summer. Connor and Brennen are also among Hawken Upper School Chess Club volunteers at Robert H. Jamison Computech Elementary School.