TALLMADGE -- The rules are in place for those who aspire to someday head the safety forces in Tallmadge.

On Feb. 9, City Council voted 6 to 0 to amend the Civil Service rules regarding the appointment of the police and fire chiefs; what's new are attachments stipulating in detail qualifications in terms of education, certification and experience. An explanation of possible preferred qualification points and when they may be awarded is incorporated as well.

Mayor Dave Kline said he promised to review the Civil Service rules regarding the hiring process for the police and fire chiefs following the installation of the present leaders. According to Kline, the attachments "clean up" what was previously "a hodgepodge" of qualifications.

Donald C. Cooper, the city's director of administration, said the legislation was crafted as means of planning for the future since neither the Tallmadge police chief, Ron Williams, or fire chief, Mike Passarelli, intends to leave their position soon.

"It gives any future candidates the rules of engagement," Kline said.

City Council conducted a public hearing on the proposed revisions on Feb. 9, later adopting them 6 to 0.

Education-wise, the minimum requirements for initial screening for the police chief position are a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree with 20 years service with the Tallmadge Police Department. A candidate must have attained the rank of sergeant or higher and held a supervisory position for a minimum of five years. Fire chief candidates must possess a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree with 20 years service with at least five of those years being in a supervisory post.

"I think we have a really good ordinance that will keep us competitive in the hiring of our next chiefs,"said the mayor.

A similar ordinance will be coming soon addressing the deputy chief positions, Kline said.

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