A demonstration of tapping, processing and enjoying maple syrup will be presented at Case-Barlow Farm on March1 from 1 to 2 p.m. at the historic homestead located at 1931 Barlow Road in Hudson. Maple syrup, cream and candy from Sugarbush Creek Farm in Middlefield Ohio will be available for purchase.

Maple sugaring activities at Case Barlow Farm are documented by Franklin S. Barlow, in his journal "Reminiscences of a Hudson, Ohio Farm Boy", written in 1983. He wrote that "the mention of maple syrup reminds me of our farm breakfasts which were very hearty indeed. The main course at our breakfasts, virtually 365 days a year, was pancakes."

"The farm activity which most people regard as really romantic is the production of maple syrup. In a way it is but it also involves a lot of very hard work. Throughout the winter whenever there was a spare hour or so we would be cutting wood for the sugar house. Then in February some time when the weather was most miserable we would get out and scrub the evaporating pans, clean up the sap buckets, check out the gathering and sap storage tanks and wash the spiles."

When the sap begins to run, it is collected and boiled in the sugar house where approximately 40 gallons sap is evaporated down to 1 gallon to syrup. Traditionally, sap was collected in pails. Today, taps are connected to vacuum pressing tubing system that connects the tree directly to the sugar house.

Although there is no cost for this open house, donations are welcome to help with the preservation and restoration of the 202-year-old Case-Barlow Farm.