Because of a large volume of rich history gathered for the upcoming publication "Three Communities, One Heritage," the bicentennial book release has been delayed until March 24.

Vouchers have already been distributed to households in Reminderville, Twinsburg Township and the city of Twinsburg, and residents are encouraged to hang on to those vouchers until books become available.

The free publication cannot be redeemed at one of the pickup locations without a voucher.

The bicentennial committee expresses its apologies for the delay, but it believes the outcome and extensive amount of research will result in an outstanding publication. Residents can sign up online at or at any pickup location for an email reminder when the book is ready.

Book pickup locations include Twinsburg Township Hall at 1790 Enterprise Parkway; Twinsburg Government Center at 10075 Ravenna Road; Reminderville Municipal Center, 3382 Glenwood Boulevard; Twinsburg Board of Education, 11136 Ravenna Road; Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce, 9044 Church Street; and Twinsburg Public Library, 10050 Ravenna Road.

The book will highlight the area's history in a fun, easy-to-read format for any age. Historical information has been compiled by Pursue Posterity and the bicentennial committee since September 2015. Visit or like its Facebook page at