HUDSON -- According to the Feb. 16 toxicology report released by the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office THC, or marijuana, was found in the system of a 26-year-old man shot and killed Dec. 4 by a Hudson Police Officer.

The report stated that no other drugs or alcohol were detected in the system of Saif Nasser Mubarak Alameri.

Almost three months after a Hudson Police Officer shot and killed a 26-year-old college student, while attempting to make an arrest in a wooded area, the investigation continues.

Officer Ryan Doran has been on paid administrative leave since shortly after the Dec. 4 shooting. According to officials Doran will remain on leave pending the outcome of the investigation into why Mr. Alameri, a Case Western Reserve student from Cleveland, was shot and killed during the attempted arrest.

Officials have determined Mr. Alameri did not have a gun, according to Jill Del Greco of the the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

"BCI's Crime Scene Unit did not find any weapons on Mr. Alameri, but whether or not he otherwise used any type of force against the officer is still under investigation," Del Greco added.

However, the final autopsy report has not yet been received.

"Criminal investigations involving a person's death generally can take several months for a number of reasons, depending on the circumstances surrounding each case," according to Del Greco. "One reason for this is because final autopsy reports typically take several months before they are finalized and turned over to BCI."

According to Del Greco the toxicology and autopsy reports often provide information important to an investigation, which is why BCI will generally not present their findings to the prosecutor until those reports are complete.

"That would be the very earliest that a death investigation would be finished. Oftentimes, there is follow-up investigation that must occur after we receive those results," Del Greco said. "We can certainly understand the desire that this investigation be quickly resolved; however, BCI is committed to conducting a thorough investigation in an effort to fully determine the circumstances surrounding Mr. Alameri's death."

The city of Hudson turned the investigation into the shooting over to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations in December to make sure there was no perceived or implied improprieties with the case, according to Police Chief David Robbins. BCI also has more experience in officer involved shootings, Robbins added.

According to Hudson officials, Mr. Alameri, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, was shot after officials say he "struggled" with police in a wooded area in the 3200 block of Hudson Aurora Road after he sideswiped a car on the Ohio Turnpike and flipped his car.

The dash cam video released Dec. 8, 2016, from Doran's car shows little. However, off camera Doran can be heard several times telling Mr. Alameri to stop or be shot.

After several orders what sounds like a scuffle can be heard, then three shots ... silence ... then three more shots.

According to the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office Mr. Alameri was shot three times in the leg, once in the face and once in the head. He died from the shot in the head and the shooting was ruled a homicide.

Mr. Alameri died at the scene and Doran was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


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