The following Tallmadge residents graduated from the University of Akron during fall 2016 semester:

Bakr Awad, bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Laura Cianchetti, master's of education degree, Counseling Marriage & Family

Ryan Ciganik, master's degree in science, Engineering Management Specilization

Joseph Cochran, master's of business administration degree, Management

Kelsey Fiocca, bachelor's degree, Organizational Supervision

Robert Heintel, bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Matthew Miles, master's of education, AYA -- Integrated Language Arts

Marisa Oeltjen, master's degree, Communication

Hunter Olds, bachelor's degree, Accounting

Brittany Rhodes, bachelor's degree, Political Science

Matthew Shannon, bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering

Hali Strub, bachelor's of business administration, Integrated Marketing Communications

Mark Thaxton, Associate's of applied science degree, Manufacturing Engineering Technology -- CAM


Sarah Stubbs of Tallmadge was awarded the Helen O. Reimund Scholarship and Gwen L. Kuenzli Scholarship at the University of Findlay for the 2016-17 academic year.

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