The League of Women Voters is inviting all high school students and the general public to hear about "Youth and Women's Voices" on Feb. 16 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Hudson High School Media Center.

The event is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Hudson and Ohio Round table with the following panelists: Jane Howington, Hudson City Manager, Sandra Kurt, Summit Co., Clerk of Courts Kandi O'Connor, Summit Co. Magistrate Gloria Rodgers, Summit Co. Council, Kristina Roegner, Ohio State Representative, Ilene Shapiro, Summit Co. Executive, Linda Teodosio, Summit Co. Juvenile Judge.

They are hosting this forum to show the number of women in political positions at all levels, while growing, is still not representative of the voting population. Women's voices are different and are needed at all levels of government and political action.

The program seeks to step back from the partisan rhetoric and hone in on the gender politics at play.

Gender politics

Are women candidates treated differently by the media?

How can we call out gender bias when we see it?

Women's Electoral Influence

Why are women's voices important in the political process?

Why are women such an important voting bloc?

Youth Vote

Will they turn out to vote?

What do they care about?

Do candidates care about them?

There are good reasons for this focus. In 2012, 18-29 year-olds represented 21 percent of the voting age population.

The forum is for all high school students since all voters elect both men and women into positions of leadership. The current political climate is driving a fierce need for open dialogue about gender politics, especially for teen girls who often exhibited and experienced gender bias.

Although this program is targeted toward high school students, it is open to the general public.

LWV Ohio is working with several of our community-based local Leagues to host programs in area high schools, in which high school students can meet and learn from elected women in their communities.