On Jan. 21, 62 Stow-Munroe Falls High School band students participated in the Ohio Music Education Association Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated event at Firestone High School.

Of the 51 events scheduled, 39 received Superior Ratings and 12 Excellent Ratings.

The students were evaluated and received comments from music teachers from across the state of Ohio.

Students receiving a Superior Rating on solos were: Michaela Brugmann (Flute), Christian Studt (Trumpet), Joshua Barbee (Alto Saxophone), Vincent Carbone (Marimba & Snare Drum), Madison Vestfals (Alto Saxophone), David Carroll (Bassoon), Sierra Corbett (Flute), Julia Moxley (Trumpet), Thomas Biggs (Snare Drum, Timpani, Marimba), Stephen Calaway (Tuba), Nick Lavy (Trumpet), Eric Caldwell (Snare Drum), Ryan McNutt (Snare Drum), Brian Walsh (French Horn), Marissa Evanoski (Clarinet & Piano), Johnathon Staudt (Trombone), Hyejin (Suzzie) Lee (French Horn), Nicholas Kusic (Tuba), Zach Green (Snare Drum), Cody Kowalczyk (Euphonium), Kendall Miragliotta (Trumpet),

Students receiving a Superior Rating for Ensembles were: Sophomore Percussion Ensemble (Thomas Biggs, Alex Ely, MacLane Stebbins), Freshman Flute Trio (Elora Nicholas, Mandy Grimm, Emily Schmidt), Freshman Low Brass Quartet (Rebecca Zeitman, Niyah Somerville, Ellie Rieger, Brandon Fitzpatrick), Obaid Saxophone Trio (Bissan Obaid, Moriah Payne, Ashley Adams, Sparrow Flute Trio: (Angela Sparrow, Leila Darwich), Stofka Trumpet Trio (Juli Moxley, Julia Stofka, Molly Marquette), Freshman Trumpet Quartet (Eathan Bamberger, Aimee Grimm, Lexi Gray, Scott Kline), Stow Freshman Saxophone Quintet, (Kira Philpot, Jocelyn Shatraw, Grace McCombs, Maddy Vestfals, Maddie McLaughlin) Wind Ensemble Flute Ensemble (Michaela Brugmann, Marina Crasi, Jessica Poling), Stow Euphonium Trio (Jack MacKay, Cody Kowalczyk, Brady Piece) Barbee Saxophone Quartet (Jos Barbee, Emily Flower, Josh Blasko, Nick Wallace), Freshman Clarinet Quartet (Connor Quinn, Katie Lowry, Grace Dressman, Madison Bellino),

Students receiving an Excellent Rating on solos were: Eryn Church (Trumpet), Jared Miller (Bassoon), Leila Darwich (Piano), Lee Paolucci (Trombone), Jack MacKay (Euphonium), Jimmy Paxton (Trombone), Scott Kline (Trumpet),

Students receiving an Excellent Rating for Ensembles were: Stow Freshman Percussion Ensemble (Eric Caldwell, Vincent Carbone, Justin Dyer, Trey Hutchins, Logan Radcliff, Jacob Shull, Patrick Kline), Stow Horn Trio (Brian Walsh, Hyejin (Suzzie) Lee, Myron Koyle) Wind Ensemble Percussion Ensemble (Olivia Myers, Ryan McNutt, Jacob Perch, Thomas McLaughlin, Zach Green), SMFHs Woodwind Quintet (Michaela Brugmann, Sarah Kline, Jenna Deverall, Katie Dunn, Jared Miller)

The Stow-Munroe Falls High School Band program consists of 238 members and is directed by Brian Monroe, Greg Newman and Sandra Sandman. The band will be performing their Pre-Contest Concert on March 2 in the Stow-Munroe Falls High School Auditorium.

The Concert is free and open to the public.