Armed Forces Banner Essay Contest for students

The deadline for the Armed Forces Banner Essay Contest, sponsored by Stow City Council and Munroe Falls City Council, has had its deadline extended to March 31.

Students in grades 5-8 and who live in Stow or Munroe Falls are invited to honor a past or present member of the Armed Forces with an essay, photos or artwork (or a combination of all three) explaining why they feel a specific family member, friend or community member is worthy of recognition with a commemorative banner. Winners will have their name on the banners as the sponsor.

There will be one winning entry from Stow and one winning entry from Munroe Falls.

The City Councils of Stow and Munroe Falls will select the winner from their respective community and will donate the cost of the banner to be printed and hung for the winning students.

The winning students will be photographed with their banner and City Council members in the spring, 2017.

Submit entries to: Stow City Council Clerk, 3760 Darrow Road, Stow 44224 or Munroe Falls City, c/o Anne DiCola, 43 Munroe Falls Ave., Munroe Falls 44262.

Science teachers seek Box Tops for Education

To help provide a fun and education experience to the students in all science classes, Kimpton Middle School science teachers are asking readers to clip and send the Box Tops for Education found on many grocery items. Kimpton receives 10 cents for each of those Box Tops and more money on the Bonus Box Tops.

Box tops can be mailed to Kimpton Middle School, Attn: Box Tops Coordinator, 380 N. River Road, Munroe Falls 44262.

Another way to assist the teachers is by dropping off all recyclable paper/junk mail in the paper retriever dumpsters in Kimpton's front parking lot. The school is paid by the pound for the donations. All money received from Box Tops for Education and Abitibi Paper Retriever is used exclusively to provide science students with materials to use on projects and labs beyond what can be purchased with science fees.