One of the ideas behind the Visit 17 Hudsons in 2017 Challenge was the explore the similarities and differences between our hometown and the 16 other U.S. municipalities named Hudson. Nearly 1,200 miles to our southeast is the City of Hudson, Texas, with a population of 4,871. Our Texas counterpart is a suburb of Lufkin, Texas which has nearly 35,000 residents. It is the county seat of Angelina County. Lufkin/Hudson is located about 170 miles southeast of Dallas, 120 miles northeast of Houston, and approximately 55 miles to the west of the Louisiana state line.

Hudson, Texas, should not be confused with another place in Texas named Hudson. The second Hudson, sometimes referred as Hudson Oaks, is an unincorporated area in Harris County, near Houston.

Unlike our hometown, Hudson, Texas, has relatively short history. The City of Hudson started to develop in the 1950s. By the 1970 federal census it had a population of 760. For the next 40 years, the Lufkin suburb experienced double-digit population growth. More recently, there has been little growth.

The City of Hudson, Texas, claims it is "less defined by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values ... a wonderful place to call home."

Governed by an elected mayor and a 5 person city council, a city administrator handles day-to-day activities. The schools are part of an independent district that overlaps with the adjacent city of Lufkin. The volunteer fire department was organized in 1974, and the current six-man police force was started in 2001.

Unlike our hometown which was recently named the safest city in the state of Ohio, Hudson, Texas has a crime rate 12.5 times higher than ours, and 52 percent higher than the national average, based upon 2014 statistics.

Hudson, Texas, is a youthful place, where the median age is 30.6 years. That compares to the national median age of 37.4 years. Here in Ohio, Hudson's median age is 44.0, third highest among the 17 municipalities named Hudson. The median household income in Hudson, Texas is $34,500, which is $17,935, or 33.5 percent below the national average Only Hudson, Indiana has a lower median income than Hudson, Texas.

Among residents 25 years of age or older, only 78.3 percent of Hudson, Texans have a high school diploma. That is the lowest percentage among the 17 Hudsons, and 8 percentage points below the US average.

Most of the shopping, medical and area cultural services appear to be located in nearby Lufkin. The City of Hudson website identifies only four dining options within the city's boundaries: Subway, Hudson Donuts, Gourmet Potato, and Mar Teres, a tea room.

The Visit 17 Hudsons in 2017 Challenge is sponsored by Destination Hudson, along with co-sponsors Hudson's Restaurant and the Hudson Hub-Times. Information and Challenge Entry Forms are available at the Hudson Visitor Center, located in the historic Town Hall, or online at