Tallmadge resident Amanda Peters earned a spot on the University of Dayton's fall 2016 dean's list, which honors undergraduate students achieving a minimum 3.5 grade-point average for the semester.


Tallmadge resident and Azusa Pacific University student Brandon Santomauro made the academic Deans' List at APU. Santomauro, a business management major, was honored for a fall semester 2016 academic standing of a 3.5 or better grade-point average.


The following Tallmadge residents were named to the Dean's List for Fall 2016 at Kent State University. Undergraduate students who obtain a 3.400 grade-point average or higher while maintaining 12 or more credit hours during the spring qualify to receive this honor.

Khalid Aldabal

Hallie Allen

Mary Anthony

Andre Antoine

Taylour Ball

Alexis Bell

Natalie Blatt

Taylor Botos

Jacob Brown

Zachary Brumbaugh

Troy Casto

Gia Catalano

Emily Catchpole

Kyle Cate

Diana Cioffi

Brielle Cleary

Zachary Cleary

Kevin Cline

Madison Cox-Shreffler

Harrison Crawford

Nicolas Curtis

Chance Dillbeck

Christine DiSabato

Courtney Donovan

Kerry Drenan

Lucy Dyer

Kari Endemann

Jake Ennis

Paige Faverty

Deven Fenn

James Filko

Hannah Fisher

Hannah Fleming

Megan Francis

Brittani Frick

William Haas

Abbey Hagenbaugh

Dawn Hall

Alexandra Henry

Lindsey Hughes

Brianna Idell

Nicholas Kaiser

Randal Kinzel

Samuel Knight

Jeanette Lansinger

Steven Larch

Sage Luedke

Shayna MacLean

Jamee Markulis

Victoria Murray

Anthony Myers

Allison Pace

Bridgette Parkins

Ashley Phillips

Robert Porter

Jacob Retterer

Nicholas Rinaldi

Jarrett Ross

Christopher Roy

Megan Sapsford

Chase Schertzinger

Angelica Scianna

Leslee Shannon

Joseph Siesel

Caleb Stilley

Victoria Thompson

Adrianna Vaughn

Raymond Weiss

Ross Weyandt

Meryl Wiebrecht

Michael Williams

Nicolette Williams

Stephanie Williams

Harry Winters

Palai Yang

Katlyn Yen

Melissa Young

The following Tallmadge residents graduated from Kent State University in the fall of 2016:

Khalid Aldabal

Ashley Atwood

Kathleen Baer

Jenna Balazs

Andrew Brown

Gia Catalano

David Christ

Eric Curley

Kari Endemann

Hannah Fisher

Corrine Gasaway

Chelsea Groom

Kaitlyn Habusta

Haley Huber

Shane Jenkins)

Anthony Myers

Allison Pace

Matthew Rogers

Amy Roth

Julie Volcheck

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