The Cuyahoga Falls City School District is reporting on social media that Falls High is "having an issue with bed bugs."

A posting on the district's Facebook page states: "A student came to the school with a case brought from home. Unfortunately, another student videoed the situation and posted it to social media." The district said "the student with the problem was removed," and the areas where the student had been were secured and set to be treated. An all-call from the high school was issued, the Facebook post said.

Deputy Superintendent Melvin Brown told the Falls News-Press the student "was placed in the care of his/her parent/guardian."

The district's Facebook post concluded with a request: "Please handle this situation with great sensitivity for the sake of the student and parent(s)."

The same post also stated "there is no evidence" of roaches in the high school, a false notion that started when a student posted a picture of a roach on social media. The posting states it is "highly likely" the insect was brought in by way of a student's book bag.


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