Hudson launched two financial transparency tools on the city website,, that offer citizens an easy, interactive way to learn more about city finances.

The Open Checkbook and Taxpayer Receipt applications allow users to delve deeper into how the City spends tax dollars.

Open Checkbook provides the ability to explore the city budget and transactions through a searchable, checkbook-like format. Citizens can see where Hudson has spent money by category since the year 2000, explore budget allocations for the current year, and see how revenue has been spent during the current fiscal year. A graph depicting how much income tax the city has received for the last 16 years is also available, along with more in-depth information.

Hudson's Taxpayer Receipt tool allows citizens to see how individual income tax is spent by the City. By answering a few questions, citizens can find out how much of their tax money goes towards road improvements, Hudson City Schools, street and sidewalk construction, and more. The tool is easy to use and provides a deeper understanding of how the City allocates funds.

"We are excited to provide access to these innovative, easy-to-use tools," said Jeff Knoblauch, Finance Director. "Our goal is to be as transparent and engaged with Hudson citizens as possible. These tools allow anyone, not just those with a financial background, to understand how City finances work."

Hudson residents are encouraged to explore these new tools on the City of Hudson website at