Hudson -- Who stole the porridge?

The Hudson High School Drama Department presents its Children's Play "Porridgegate" by Charlie Lovett on Feb. 10 and 11 at 7 p.m. and Feb. 12 at 2 p.m. in the Hudson High School auditorium.

The play is directed by Sergio Iriarte, who has directed 18 plays at Hudson High School.

"People like the fractured fairytales," Iriarte said. "The plays were so ridiculous, kids and parents enjoy the sight gags and the deeper meaning."

The plays added a third show this year to allow students in sports to attend a show, Iriarte said.

Tickets are available at the door.

Porridgegate is a fractured fairytale featuring Goldie Locks and the Three Little Pigs.

Ever wonder what happened after the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed and blew the house of straw and sticks down? This play answers the question.

Junior Ronni Hollis portrays Francis Bacon, the bricklaying little pig who is growing tired of hosting his siblings.

Jimmy Dean portrayed by junior Kat Glen and Oscar Meyer portrayed by senior Angela Kerekes are staying at Bacon's house.

The pigs are stupid, eat a lot and are messy, Kerekes said.

"They're making it a pig sty and she doesn't like it," Hollis said.

Children will enjoy the animal characters and familiar stories while the parents can enjoy the ties to Watergate, Hollis said.

Speaking of Watergate, junior Federica Buonaiuto portrays Kitty Saltine, the owner of a newspaper and orders her two reporters, Woodsman, portrayed by sophomore Stephen Greer, and Bernadette, portrayed by freshman Meghan Collins, to investigate the crime.

"She wants to find out the true story on what is going on," Buonaiuto said. "She's like a bad boss and is mean to people. It's fun."

Woodsman and Bernadette are competing for possession of a trophy they won for a story they worked on together.

"We need to solve the case why the porridge is gone," Collins said. "It's kind of a mystery but light-hearted and makes the audience laugh."

Greer said Woodsman feels more important than Bernadette because he had secret meetings with an informant.

"The adults will get all the watergate jokes and the kids will enjoy the fairytale," Greer said.

Senior Ethan Myers portrays the Big Bad Wolf.

"He's out of it and confused about what is going on," Myers said. "All he wants is to enjoy a good meal."

The play is a great way for parents and kids to connect, Myers said.

"The kids enjoy seeing characters they know in goofy costumes, and the parents get the wit and jokes referencing pop culture," Myers said..

Besides the three pigs, the story includes Goldie Locks, portrayed by junior Catherine Sommer, and her brother Ralphie, portrayed by junior Becca Meyer, and parents, portrayed by sophomore Helena Norman and junior Ben Linder.

"Her mother loves Goldie Locks a lot and is full of praise but she judges Ralphie," Norman said.

In addition to reporters, the story has two police officers investigating the crime, Officer Danielle Hoover, portrayed by sophomore Amy Grecol, and Chief Sherlock McGarrett, portrayed by freshman Gabby Hruby.

"Hoover is an energetic woman who wants to step in to investigate the crime and solve the case," Grecol said. "She tries to find out who stole the porridge."

The characters are likeable, Grecol said.

"It's amazingly hilarious," Grecol said. "With a new twist to fairytales children are familiar with."

Hruby said Sherlock McGarrett is lazy and doesn't pay attention to most details.

"She likes donuts and expects the new recruit to take over and investigate a series of burglaries," Hruby said.

Other cast members include the three bears, Ursula Bear portrayed by freshman Ciera Kent; Teddy Bear portrayed by sophomore Julia Tomins; and Builda Bear, portrayed by freshman Jacob Carson.

Lou the UPS Guy makes several appearances and is portrayed by junior Mattie Korane, who was the UPS Guy last year.

Sophomore Kylie McClain plays Amber, sophomore Caroline Funk plays Sandy, junior Erin Dietzel plays Tracy and junior Samantha Sarley plays Lindsey.

In addition, sophomore Caroline Coy plays Katie and junior Anton Van De Motter plays Matt Bauer.

Stage managers are Ezra Ramlo and David Gregory.


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