Hudson Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Western Reserve Hospital (WRH) of Cuyahoga Falls have partnered to provide an enhanced level of patient care to the residents of Hudson. WRH is now considered Hudson EMS' Medical Control Hospital, giving Hudson EMS access to in-depth knowledge, education and the latest in advanced technology, according to a news release issued by Western Reserve Hospital Friday. Hudson EMS is the first emergency medical service to partner with WRH, and is looking forward to paving the way for other emergency medical service partnerships.

A full team of physicians are now just a phone call away for Hudson EMS and can provide expert medical advice tailored to specific situations. These physicians will also provide training to the Hudson EMS staff.

The partnership also allows for the use of the latest version of EMS Charts, a high-tech electronic reporting system used in the field, which allows the exchange of information between EMS crews and hospitals.

"Hudson EMS strives to be at the forefront of technology so they can provide the latest and greatest care possible, and partnering with WRH will be valuable in this endeavor," the news release stated.

WRH has provided Hudson EMS with an assistant medical director, Dr. Sonny Bare, chief of emergency medicine for WRH. Bare will aid Dr. Jay Carter, Hudson EMS' Medical Director, when needed. Carter responds directly to emergency scenes when available to provide expert guidance and oversight to EMS personnel as they treat patients.

For Hudson EMS and Fire Chief Jerry Varnes, choosing the right medical control hospital was simple. WRH expressed the like-minded goals of focusing on family, community, and exceptional patient care, which are at the core of Hudson EMS' values.

"The sense of family and togetherness is strong in Hudson," Varnes said. "Hudson EMS strives to do what's best for the community as a whole and to provide outstanding patient care. Partnering with Western Reserve Hospital allows us to do just that."

"WRH is looking forward to creating a deeper connection with the Hudson community," the news release stated. "The hospital strives to be the best family-oriented hospital they can be, which is part of what drew Hudson EMS and WRH to each other."

"We are extremely proud and honored to serve as Medical Control for the City of Hudson," Bare said. "I, along with the entire staff of Western Reserve Hospital, promise to provide the residents of Hudson and their dedicated Fire/EMS team the safest, highest quality health care service available in the region. Hudson is a wonderful town, and many members of our Emergency Medicine staff have strong ties to the community. Our truly local connections allow Western Reserve Hospital to continue to strengthen its unique and regionally leading commitment to the patient, and we all look forward to building on our already positive relationships with those who call Hudson home."