Akron, OH -  ConxusNEO and one of its coding bootcamp partners, We Can Code IT, will join other technologists, innovators and community leaders who have been invited to the White House on Dec. 21 to share best practices and plan for the future of TechHire.  ConxusNEO is coordinating the community’s TechHire initiative and has been instrumental in driving forward tech training in northeast Ohio.  

In August 2015, Akron was named a TechHire community by the White House.  Now 71 TechHire communities exist across the nation and are responding to the need to promote access to accelerated IT training programs to those who are underemployed or under-represented in tech.  Companies across the United States are in critical need of IT talent and the TechHire initiative can help connect companies to IT talent with the right technical skills that were gained from education and training partners (e.g. colleges, coding bootcamps) that rapidly trained jobseekers, often in just a few months.

Recently, Akron has been selected with five other communities (Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; Seattle, Washington; Hawaii; and Rhode Island) to participate in the TechHire Race to Place hiring pilot.  The pilot provides an online hiring platform to help companies find great talent they might have otherwise screened out, and to place jobseekers into high demand tech jobs. The hiring pilot is specifically focused on entry-level software developer positions. Additional information is available at www.techhire.careers.