HUDSON -- Councilman Alex Kelemen will host the first Ward 3 Forum of 2017 on Jan. 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Barlow Community Center. The Ward 3 Forum is an informal "townhall-style" meeting where anyone can drop in, make comments or suggestions, and unlike Council meetings or workshops, there is an opportunity for dialogue and discussion. City Manager Jane Howington is also scheduled to attend. While there will be discussion on developments in Ward 3, all residents from throughout the city are welcome to attend and question or comment on any issue relating to Hudson.

Kelemen will provide a brief update on some general interest topics, including Council's current consideration of whether or not to allow medical marijuana facilities in Hudson. The majority of the meeting is driven by questions and concerns from the audience. While the program runs from 7:30 until 9 p.m., residents are welcome to drop in or leave as their schedules allow.

There are many possible topics. Under consideration by City Council is Downtown Phase II development and traffic, relocation of the municipal service center and service garage, how emergency dispatch will function, expanding broadband service, trail and sidewalk plans and how to pay for them, the ongoing dispute with Akron over water service, and code enforcement issues.

"The residents decide the discussion topics. We get an interesting group with many good questions and comments," Kelemen said. "Some residents like to attend just to hear what their neighbors are saying."

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Barlow Community Center is at 41 Oviatt St., across from the fire station.