One of A Kind Pet Rescue announces the rescue of the 10,000th cat since the non-profit organization was founded in 2005. "It is so exciting to save so many lives," shared founder Lisa Holland Toth. "The real success is in the individual stories of those 10,000 cats stories of how abandonment, suffering, abuse and neglect were turned into healing, compassion, love and new forever homes. Each life and each story matters, and we have many more pets whose happy endings are waiting to be written."

Cat manager Libby Weaver rescued Myriad, a young, pregnant, silver tabby from Summit County Animal Control. Although One of A Kind rescues from many Ohio counties, priority is given to Summit County, working hard with them to ensure that no cat has to be killed for lack of space. "It is amazing to be able to help so many cats, and help so many people," said Weaver. "Our facility was designed to allow our cats to free roam in rooms. Not only does it help bring out their personalities, but the experience of visiting these rooms and spending time with the animals can be very healing, whether or not you are adopting."

As the largest no-kill animal shelter facility in Summit County, attaining these numbers is proof of the importance of its mission to save the lives of animals in imminent danger of euthanasia. "Our vision is a no-kill community where all pets have loving homes," explained executive director Terri Nass Reeder. "A key component is the success of our Spay & Neuter Clinic, which in its 10th year gives residents a low-cost option to prevent unwanted litters. Our dedicated veterinarians and staff have performed more than 86,000 spay and neuter surgeries."

Nass Reeder added "We also want to thank the community for their continued support in taking orphaned animals into their homes. There is nothing more fulfilling for our staff than to find a pet a home and help people find their new best friend or add to their families. We are pleased that One of A Kind reached another milestone in 2016 finding homes for a record 2,656 pets, including 1,355 cats and kittens, and 1.301 dogs and puppies. Working together as a community will make our vision of a no-kill community a reality."

One of A Kind Pet Rescue a tax-exempt, non-profit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Founded in November 2005, One of A Kind is dedicated to making the community "no-kill" where all pets have loving homes, to saving the lives of animals in imminent danger of euthanasia, and enriching the lives of people through rescue, spaying/neutering, adoption and advocacy on behalf of homeless pets. One of A Kind is a no-time-limit shelter. Ill and / or injured animals brought by Good Samaritans are often given priority. Owner surrenders and strays are accepted when space is available. To learn more about One of A Kind Pet Rescue, call 330-865-6200 or visit the website at