Hudson, Michigan's, weekly newspaper, the Post-Gazette, has decided to sponsor a "Celebrate Michigan's Hudsons Contest."

Patterned after Destination Hudson's "Visit 17 Hudsons in 2017 Challenge," Michigan's contest involves visiting all 11 Hudsons within the state of Michigan, starting with the city of Hudson, home of the Hudson Post-Gazette. There are three Hudson townships, a Hudsonville, a Hudson Center, a Lake Hudson, a New Hudson and a Hudson Mills.

Also include in the Michigan contest is the Hudson Motor Car Museum in Ypsilanti and the former Hudson Motor Car factory, located at Jefferson and Connor Avenues in Detroit.

The first person who provide proof of visiting Michigan's 11 Hudsons will win a goodie bag from the Hudson (Michigan) Chamber of Commerce, which includes a "Celebrate Hudson" T-shirt.

Wes Boyd, a columnist for the Hudson Post-Gazette, said "I think 'Destination Hudson' has a neat idea," referring to the Visit 17 Hudsons in 2017 Challenge. Boyd noted "we have a pretty good proliferation of Hudsons right here in Michigan, as he suggested "just for the sake of fun" to have the Celebrate Hudson, Michigan Contest.

"Imitation is a sincere form of flattery," said Ron Stolle of Destination Hudson.

"Michigan's contest is achievable over a weekend. Our challenge requires approximately 6,800 miles of driving based upon MapQuest's most efficient routing."

Destination Hudson's Liz Murphy said the idea behind both the Contest and the Challenge is to have fun while learning more about those places that "share our hometowns' names."

Bob Dyer of the Akron Beacon Journal recently wrote "doing a Hudson-Hudson-Hudson trek would certainly be entertaining, it wouldn't exactly be practical," despite the Challenge's $500 shopping spree available to the first person to visit America's 17 Hudsons.