AURORA -- At its Jan. 23 meeting, City Council OK'd an ordinance setting 2017 salary levels for city employees, and all of them will see raises over their 2016 salaries.

Included are a proposed $93,000 salary for the Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin, up from the current $90,800, while Council reps would receive $9,900, up from the current $9,660. Council President George Horvat gets an additional $1,500.

Here are the proposed salaries for city department heads:

Law Director Dean DePiero, $136, 835; Service Director John Trew, $116,673; Fire Chief David Barnes, $101,236; Police Chief Brian Byard, $100,206; Finance Director Tim Clymer, $96,900; Planning-Zoning-Building Chief Denise Januska, $90,867; Chief of Staff-Human Resources Director Karen Aldredge, $88,867; Parks-Rec Director Jim Kraus, $84,639; and Economic Development Director Jack Burge, $38,164 (part-time).

Proposed salaries of other key personnel are:

Assistant Fire Chief John Schmader, $88,875; Assistant Service Director James Jordan, $83,969; Clerk of Council Donna Hawks, $65,781; Assistant Planning-Zoning-Building Director Meredith Davis, $71,635; Assistant Finance Director Leah Cellura, $69,323.

Mayor's assistant Tracy Humbert, $65,781; paralegal Angie Piereces, $60,000; Engineer Justine Czekaj, $81,780; Chief Inspector Lionel Finch, $82,714; Police Lts. Rob Hagquist and Andrew Lumpkins, $93,000 each; Wastewater Manager Andrew Krispinsky, $86,965; Water Supervisor Michael Reker, $60,631; Wastewater Supervisor-Manager James Slechta, $53,338.

Arborist Ben Askren, $56,658; Parks Coordinator Bill Fellenstein, $58,628; Grounds Coordinator Dennis Altman, $51,080; Planning-Zoning Inspector Albert Hall, $54,080; Sports Coordinator Ed Poremba, $48,588.

Proposed full-time police officers' salaries range from $29.89 to $40.02, full-time firefighters-paramedics from $24.16 to $28.95 service technicians from $17.87 to $29.16, full-time dispatchers from $27.92 to $29.32 and clerical union workers from $20.09 to $25.03.

Part-time police officers and dispatchers proposed salaries range from $14.89 (park ranger) to $27.90, part-time parks-rec personnel from $10.20 to $20.57 and firefighters-paramedics, clerks, secretaries and other employees from $12 to $81.78.