AURORA -- The value of residential building in the city in 2016 was up more than $4 million from the 2015 figure, while industrial and commercial construction projects were down considerably.

The figures are contained in the planning-zoning-building department's annual report which was released last week.

Overall, building activity was valued at $33.67 million in 2016, compared to $42.94 million in 2015, a drop of more than $9 million.

Residential construction was valued at $26.03 million, compared to 2015's $21.85 million, while commercial projects were valued at $847,315 ($6.14 in 2015) and industrial projects were valued at $6.79 million ($14.95 million in 2015).

Eighteen single-family homes were listed on the 2016 report, compared to 16 in 2015. Condominium units totaled 72, compared to 47 in 2015. Other categories were: alterations, 81 projects; decks, 50; utility buildings, 25; additions, 18; above-ground pools, four; garages and in-ground pools, three each; and other, five.

New single-family home construction was valued at $7.01 million and new condo construction at $15.73 million.

"Residential construction in Aurora has been on the rise, and 2016 showed 19 percent growth over 2015," said Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin.

In the industrial category, three projects were valued above $1 million: JIT Packaging's new building ($2.36 million), VWR's interior alterations ($1.7 million) and new equipment at Pyrotek ($1.5 million).

Other industrial projects valued at more than $100,000 were:

Philpott Rubber interior alterations, $600,000; Berry Plastics interior alterations, $180,000; and McMaster Carr parking lot lighting and interior lighting, $150,000 each.

The huge amount of value of 2015 projects was due mainly to Pyrotek's $8.75 million new building on Campus Drive and McMaster Carr''s $6 million data center on Aurora Industrial Parkway.

In the commercial category, Starbucks new building was the most expensive project ($160,000), while two other projects topped $100,000 -- Kay Jewelers and New Balance interior alterations at Aurora Farms Premium Outlets (each $140,000).

Other major projects were a fitness room at Barrington Place ($81,000), hood suppression at Wire Net and interior alterations at the Aurora Inn (each $50,000), interior alterations at Regency Nails ($30,000) heating-air conditioning and roof improvements at Anna Maria ($28,815) and a tent at the Aurora Inn ($25,000).

The 2015 commercial figure was boosted by Christ Community Chapel's addition, which was worth $2.5 million, and Aurora School of Music's demolition of a former building and erection of an addition worth $1.5 million.

"We had significant commercial and industrial construction in 2015, including the new Pyrotek building, and although such construction declined in 2016, we have had unprecedented interest in our commercial and industrial opportunities early this year.

"We believe 2017 will bring some exciting new projects."

The planning-zoning-building department's revenue in 2016 was up more than $200,000 from 2015 -- $912,736 to $690,952.

Fees brought in $384,886, while deposits were at $527,850.

A total of 749 licenses were issued, compared to 728 in 2015. City workers made 4,828 total inspections during the year, compared to 4,315 the year before. Of those, 4,269 were at residences and 559 were at commercial and industrial locations.

The breakdown of city revenue was a follows: building permits, $252,403; licenses, $74,900; miscellaneous, $5,586; impact fees, $48,762; state fees, $3,235; completion deposits, $77,860; and topography deposits, $450,000.