MACEDONIA -- The section of Sioux Lane that extends over Indian Creek in Macedonia will be repaired this year, according to Mayor Joe Migliorini.

The $400,000 project, which will mainly be funded by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, will cost the city about $80,000, or 20 percent of the total cost, Migliorini said. The sewer district, which collects fees from communities and dispenses money for infrastructure projects, will pay the rest, about $320,000.

"I'm happy they're going to pick up 80 percent of the cost to get that completed," he told the News Leader Jan. 19.

Migliorini said the project is expected to begin either this spring or summer, adding he has not received an exact start date from sewer district officials. He said the project likely will take about three to four months. He said work can start as soon as a contractor is selected.

"The plans are done," he said. "It's just a matter of getting a contractor out ... This is truly something that needs to be done."

Referring to the wide culvert that allows the creek to flow under the road, he said "It's an old bridge that rusted. Over the years, it rusted through. It's a safety issue for the city, and it's an inconvenience to our residents."

Repairs will involve installing a box culvert where the road crosses the creek, he said. The box culvert will be fabricated and set on footers for reinforcement.

The road is in the Indian Creek area of the city that includes the Beechwood Meadows housing development.

Migliorini said the city could have addressed the problem sooner, but decided to hold off because there was a good chance the regional sewer district would agree to pay for most of the work.

"That's why we haven't done the repairs ourselves. I'm glad we waited on this.

"The fees we pay go into a fund for the future infrastructure needs," he added. "The regional sewer district distributes those funds as needed. We still have responsibilities of taking care of all of our secondary roads and we continue to maintain those roads."

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