MACEDONIA -- The city is proposing a $3 monthly residential fee for leaf and branch pick-up.
The legislation was placed on first reading Jan. 12 by Macedonia City Council. The city would charge the fee "per residential unit," according to the legislation.
"We're going to take a strong look at it before Council passes it," Mayor Joe Migliorini said, adding an ending point for the legislation to be in effect is "open for discussion."
If approved, it would raise about $162,000 a year for the city to use to repair and re-stock its supply of service department vehicles. It has not been determined how residents would be billed.
"What it would do is, if we had to buy a vehicle for leaf pick-up or a chipping machine, we could use those funds," he said. "It would be a big service that we'd provide to residents."
Council President Nick Molnar said he has not made a decision yet on the $3 fee.
Councilor David Engle said he is not in favor of the $3 fee.
"We need to live within our means," he said. "We have been providing this service for at least 16 years without a $3 fee."
Migliorini said when he was mayor during the 1990s, the city implemented a similar program that ended around 2000.
"After the program fell off, we knew that in order to keep it going, we had to supplement it with new leaf pick-up and chipping machines," he said. "As the years have gone on, we've been able to keep up with equipment. We have three pieces of good equipment, but our chipper machine constantly requires repair."
Migliorini said the money would also help support the branch pick-up program. He said branches and other large debris has become "a real problem" because branches regularly obstruct storm sewers.
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