The News Leader is recognizing select Nordonia Middle School students who are"Knighted" under the school's"The Knight Way, the Right Way" recognition program. The program recognizes students each month based on their dependability, honesty, helpfulness and respect for authority, property and the rights of others.

Mariah Kayla Leslie, daughter of Gerard and Kimberly Leslie, is a seventh-grader at Nordonia Middle School.

She likes to help out around the house by washing dishes, taking out trash, laundry, and cleaning bathrooms.

She enjoys rading, watching anime and wants to be a psychologist or a chemist some day.

Her favorite food is steak, and her favorite musical group is Sleeping With Sirens.

She watches Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead on television and enjoyed the movie Suicide Squad.

What's your all-time favorite book or story? The Hollow by Jessica Verday

The thing she enjoys the most about school are playing in band and talking with her friends.

She looks up to brave people: "I look up to people who have the courage to voice their opinions to the world, good or bad, because I don't really have the courage to do that," she says.

Her best-ever vacation was to Mexico for winter break in 2015. "It was my favorite break because we got to see ancient structures and we could go to the ice cream store and get unlimited ice cream," she says.

She would like to meet Will Smith, " because he just seems like a pretty cool guy and he's a really good actor in my opinion."

"If she could go anywhere in the world, it would be to Greece "so I could see the Parthenon in Athens."