These are the Auto B Good students for December from Evamere Elementary. The characteristics considered this month were: truthfulness, honesty and kindness. Pictured in the front row: Drew Swegan, Aliana Lerner, Mackenzie Bezdek, Brooke Bonnette, Oscar Dawes, Barrett Clepper and Eddy Demrovski. Middle row: Desmond Costlow, Amelia Botros, Nathan Haller, Macy Fenimore, Chase Cooke, Laura Samoilova, Taylor Hanish and Leah Pawlec. Back row: Leah Schwan, Angelique Pinson, Simon Marko, John Robertson, Jack Wetzel, Alicia Gedeon, Bennett Lambert and Tyler Page. Absent: Brody Carter, Calvin Chandler and Kirkland Miller.