The following records were collected from the Portage County recorder's office and were provided by a subscription service. Each property transfer shows the name of the seller, the buyer's name, the address and the selling price. For more information, visit www.portagrecounty

Pozniak family trust to Kyle R. and Barbara A. Mitchell, 282 S. Chillicothe Road, $290,000.

Michael L. and Barbara R. Cassidy to Christopher M. Peltier, 718 Circlewood Drive, $182,000.

Sidney Rheuban to Cecillia and Charles J. Coven, 188 Kensington Court, $189,750.

Sell Eugene to Matthew Pozderac, 935 Orchard Ave., $65,100.

David R. and Catherine A. Palmer to Mark and Phyllis Cain, 1079 Bartlett Road, $124,600.

Prentice and Niitika Brown to Jean M. Colosetti tust, 195 N. Park Drive, $24,500.